By engaging in extensive research in the field of radiation protection, NucliRay Defence aims to protect those people who risk their life to protect others. Our contribution to the scientific examinations in this area will hopefully increase the applicable understanding of how a human can protect himself. Together with top researchers within the field of radiation dosimetry at Lund’s University in Sweden, we are in the process of experimentalizing (test) all possible scenarios to eventually develop a model or a standard for how professionals and civilians optimally can protect themselves in the case of an emergency related to nuclear radiation.
We aim to present our experimental results to both shares and increase the innovative knowledge, in the otherwise conservative field of nuclear radiation. We furthermore want to highlight and present the theory behind together with our results to the public in an understandable manner, to contribute to an increasing public understanding of radiation, radiation sickness, and radiation protection.
In a world with a still increasing number of nuclear power plants, growing number of radiation-related Health Care procedures and an increasing threat of nuclear conflicts, we aim to establish extensive collaborations with international nuclear agencies and associations to contribute to the development and implementation of an up to date radiation protection standard for professionals and civilians.