New Innovative & Revolutionizing Protection
Against All Sources of Radiation

NucliRay Defence’s invention enables humans to protect themselves against any radiation type. The RayShield Series ® has revolutionized the field of radiation protection. As the first and only product in the world capable of protecting all the vital organs against high energy radiation, the RayShield vest will be able to ensure a supporting life-saving protection against all kinds of radiation.
The RayShield Series ® is designed to help and protect Health Care, Emergency- and Military personnel from damaging radiation exposure.


As researchers within the field of medicine and physics, we could not comprehend how citizens and workers, in the 21st century, were still vulnerable when exposed to life-threatening nuclear radiation. During our studies, we followed the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, in 2011, very carefully. Our interest in the field accelerated after the catastrophe when we noticed that no physical protection was protecting the workers responsible for cleaning up the nuclear waste at the site. When we searched for radiation protective equipment, we found that no protective product exist. We decided that this was a major problem and that we had to work towards a solution.
We began examining the types of radiation sources that were emitted in the nuclear accident from official reports from the site and coupled it to the theory of how these sources and their respective energy levels can cause radiation-related symptoms as well as lethal systemic damage on each distinct organ. When we realized just how much damage the nuclear radiation can cause, we could not understand how the workers in the 21st century still weren’t protected in cases of radiation-related accidents.To solve this issue, we decided to make something that can protect the professionals that risk their life to protects other.

Although Nuclear Power Plants represent one of the most efficient, cost-saving and environmentally sustainable solutions to the challenges arising from energy extraction today, maintaining them, exposes the workers at the nuclear facilities, of radiation which, when accumulated, can have severe consequences.In fact, estimates show that there have been almost one hundred nuclear and radiation accidents from 1952-2009 worldwide, the most well known being the disaster in Chernobyl, Ukraine, in 1986 and the Fukushima, Japan, accident in 2011. Another challenge arises from the still rising probability of nuclear radiation related attacks, which unfortunately is not an impossibility.


Our idea was to create the world’s first radiation protective garment that protects all the vital organs against damaging radiation. With NucliRay Defence’s new innovative solution we are, as the first in the world, able to provide life-saving protection against any radiation type.
Our development and production of the RayShield Series ®:

  • Covers its wearer’s torso and thereby over 80% of the human body’s radiation sensitive area, including the vital organs.
  • Is made of specially customized alloys and materials that absorb the damaging radiation and weakens its energy through the path of materials.
  • Is developed to protect against all kind of nuclear radiation, which includes alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation.
  • Is totally free of toxic materials such as lead, which is a standard material used in the vast of other radiation protective equipment.
  • Is waterproof, fireproof and bulletproof
  • Is designed for people working in radioactive environment, the unique design makes it comfortable for the wearer of the vest to move freely, thus not compromising his or her movements.
  • Is integrated with an innovatively system of measuring devices, the RayShield IDS.

We are proud to present the RayShield Series ® which provides life-saving protection with a unique design that ensures ultimate mobility and functionality that together with a unique system of measuring devices revolutionizes the personal protection against damaging nuclear radiation through creative and innovative solutions.